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5 Natural Foods to Help You Feel Better this Cold and Flu Season

Are you sneezing or coughing constantly? Are you having a sore throat and runny nose? Are you feeling pain in every muscle of your body? Are you feeling feverish? If yes, then chances are that you might have caught the flu.

Cold and flu symptoms are almost the same, only cold is milder than flu and lasts for a few days, in comparison to the flu. Also, if you have a flu, then you might have symptoms like muscle soreness, fever and headache. Sometimes flu ends up in more serious conditions like pneumonia if not taken care of. Buffalo Meat

The major cause of cold and flu are viruses. There are almost 100 viruses that cause cold; whereas, only 3 types of influenza virus are the cause of flu i.e. A, B and C. The most common type of influenza virus in humans is type B. According to United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 200,000 people are hospitalized every year because of the flu epidemic.

The flu virus is more active in the winter season because of two main reasons. The first reason is that, the flu virus can survive indoors for much longer time in winters. The second reason is, in winters people prefer to stay indoors and therefore come in close contact with each other as a result they easily catch the flu virus.

We have a list of foods that can help you fight with the flu and cold viruses. All these foods are natural, without any side effects and are safe to be used by all age groups. Halal Meat

The two important antimicrobial compounds present in onions give you the power to combat flu virus and control the symptoms caused by it. These two compounds are allicin and alliin.

Consume 2 to 3 slices of raw onions after every 3 to 4 hours. If it’s hard for you to eat raw onions, you can add them to your salads or make meals with it e.g. you can make French Onion Soup or you can use it in grilled form.

Berries are abundantly packed with flu fighting antioxidants. The types of berries that have the highest dose of antioxidants are Blueberries. In a lab test 40 fruits and vegetables were tested for highest amount of antioxidants, the top scorer was our very favorite “Blueberry”.

The recommended dose in a day is ½ cup of raw berries to keep the flu away. If fresh berries aren’t available frozen can be consumed. Make sure you stock up enough fruit to help you throughout the winter season.

Avoid using the berries in cooked form. You can make smoothies, yogurt parfaits and fruit salads. Meat Exporters

Another equally good type of berries is the elderberries, also called Black elder. Repeated tests have proven that these berries have the power to shorten the flu duration and give you relief within 4 days.

You might not like the smell or taste of raw garlic, but believe it, garlic can save you from common cold and flu. Garlic also contains allicin and alliin, the same compounds that are found in onions. These compounds help in developing a better immune system. Garlic is very effective in treating flu and cold and this has been proven by various researches. One such study suggested that people who take garlic supplements on a daily basis rarely caught flu and even if they did, their recovery period was shorter than those taking placebos.

Garlic is most effective when consumed raw. It has a strong flavor and you might not be able to chew it, in that case you can cut the cloves into small pieces and gulp them down with the help of water or crush 2 to 3 cloves of garlic and take them with a teaspoon of honey. The recommended dose is 1 to 2 cloves after every 3 to 4 hours in a day to cure flu and cold.

Cloves, cinnamon and turmeric, these are the spices which have a deep connection with the Indian culinary. They don’t just add flavor to your dishes, but are also effective in maintaining a strong immune system.

Add a teaspoon of these spices to everyday meals and say goodbye to cold and flu.

Chicken soup
The remedy might be old but very effective. How soup works? Well, there’s a theory behind it. It is believed that the hot chicken soup provides an uncomfortable environment for the viruses by raising the temperature of the throat and the nose, making it hard for the viruses to survive.

It is also believed that chicken soup has some special virus fighting protein groups. Here it is important to understand that only home cooked soup should be used in order to enjoy the maximum therapeutic benefits.

Supplement these foods to your daily diet and enjoy a flu-free winter season. Boneless Meat

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